The User Weekly Store is brought to you by UserWeekly, the free weekly User Research newsletter. The newsletter, store and designs are by me, Jan Ahrend.

The idea for the store came to me when I wanted to decorate my home office and wanted an inspirational poster but didn’t find any that covered User Experience and UX Research things. So I decided to make my own and also offer them to others. 

The store is a fun side-project that is supposed to be just that: fun. Quotes and themes are meant to be lighthearted, cheesy and at times sarcastic. 

The User Weekly merch evolved since then and now includes mugs, tote bags, shirts and more. 

All designs are created by me, Jan. I found inspiration through the creation of the newsletter. The UserWeekly Store uses a “print on demand” supplier to produce and ship the products. That means that only products that are sold will be produced, which reduces product and storage waste. But it also means that it takes a bit longer (most often not longer than 2 weeks) to arrive at your door. Read more about shipping here

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